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Al Yaman / YEMEN

(Al Jumhuriyah al Yamaniyah / Republic of Yemen)


The government is formed by the MSA and Islah.

Fed.Mar.Ali Abdallah Salih - President

Born : on 21st March 1942 in Bait Al Ahmar village in Sana‚ Äôs Governorate.

Education/profession : Attended primary school at the village Kuttab (small religious school). Joined the Armed Forces in 1958 at the age of 16. Continued his studies whilst serving as a soldier. Joined a Cadet Officer School in 1960. Part of the cadre of young officers responsible for the planning and execution of the 26th September 1962 Revolution. Wounded more than once in battles defending the Revolution and the Republic. In 1963, was promoted 2nd Lieutenant. Attended the School of Armor in 1964 and specialized in armored warfare. Unanimously promoted to Colonel in appreciation of his efforts to rebuild the Armed Forces in 1979. On May 20th, 1990, the Shura council unanimously granted him the rank of General in appreciation of his great efforts for the reunification of the nation.

Political career : Represented Yemen, alone and within delegations to many countries. On 24th June 1978, appointed member of the Interim Presidential Council of the Republic and Deputy Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces. On 17th July 1978, elected President of the Yemen Arab Republic and Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces. Elected Secretary General of the People‚ Äôs General Congress on August 30, 1982. On May 22nd, 1990, Elected President of the Presidential Council and hoisted the flag of the Republic of Yemen in the city of Aden, thus declaring the re-unification of the country and ending partition for good Re-elected President of the Presidential Council on October 11, 1993, following the general election held on the 27th April 1993. Elected president of the Republic of Yemen by the Parliament on October 1st, 1994. On December 24th 1997, was granted the rank of Marshal by Parliament in appreciation of his contribution to build the modern state. On September 23rd, 1999, re-elected President of the Republic of Yemen in the first direct presidential election by the people.


Maj. Gen.Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi - Vice President

Abdulqader Abdulrahman Bajammal - Prime Minister

Born : in Hadhramout on February 18, 1946

Education/Profession : Bachelor's degree in Commerce from Cairo University in 1974 as well as a Diploma in Business Management in 1979.He was a teacher at the Faculty of Economics, Aden University between 1978-1980

Party : GPC (General People's Congress)

Political career : He chaired the Arab Nationalists Students Union in Cairo in 1969. He joined the Yemeni Socialist Party (YSP) since the independence of the South and took over different positions in the party. He served as the Minister of Planning in Aden in 1979, and Minister of Industry and Chairman of Oil and Mineral Resources Authority in 1980.Minister of Minerals in 1985.When Yemen was reunited in 1990, he joined the GPC.He was nominated a member of Central Committee of the GPC in 1990 and in 1991 he was appointed the chairman of the General Authority for Free Zone.During the civil war in 1994, he served as the Deputy Prime Minister and as Minister of Planning and Development in the government of Abdulaziz Abdulghani.He worked as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs in the outgoing government of Mr. Iryani.He co-authored a book titled " Samples of Development in the Arab World".


Alawi Saleh al-Sallami - Deputy Prime Minister (Finance)

Born : in Radaa on December 21 1945

Education/Profession : B.A in Economics and Political Science, Baghdad. 1994-1997 Governor of the Yemen Central Bank.

Political career : 1970 General Manager of Financial and Administrative Affairs in the Ministry of Education. 1973 General Manager of the Budget General Office. 1975- Deputy at the Budget Division. 1986- Deputy at the Budget Division with a vice minister degree. 1986-1994 Minister of Finance.


Abdullah Ahmed Ghanem - Minister of Legal Affairs

Born : in Aden on August 20 1947

Education/Profession : University of Law, Cairo

Political career : Deputy Minister of Justice in the former South of Yemen. 1973- 1978 Minster of Justice. Presidium member of the People's Council. Secretary of the Presidential Council of the People's Council. Representative of the Former President of South Yemen for Unity Affairs. 1982-1985 State Minister of the Cabinet Affairs. 1993 Minister of Justice. 1994 Minister of Legal Affairs and Parliamentary Affairs


Mohammed Abdullah Al-Bitani - Minister of Technical, Vocational Training

Born : in Abyan in 1946

Education/profession : Joined the police in 1967.

Political career : Until 1982 he had been a commander of rural governorates, Vice Minister, Ambassador and then Vice Minister. 1982-1986 Minister of Interior. 1993 Minister of Social Affairs. 1997 Minister of Social Affairs


Sadiq Amin Abu Ras - Minister of Local Administration

Born : in Sana'a in 1950.

Education/profession : B.A. in Military Science, Sana'a.

Political career : He has been an Assistant Secretary General of the Public Cooperative Authorities, Secretary General of Local Councils for Cooperative Development, State Minister and Secretary General of Local Councils, Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources, Minister of Civil Service and Administrative Reform.


Abdulrahman Mohammed Ali Othman - Minister of Trade and Industry

Born : in 1948

Education/Profession : 1970 Accountant at the Yemen Bank. 1974 Governor of Taiz. 1976 Head of the Board of Directors at the Yemeni Company for Printing and Publications. 1997 Head of the for Central Organization for Control and Audit (COCA). 1980 Member of the Olympic Committee

Political career : 1997 Member of the People's Council. 1985 Governor of Hodeidah. 1995 Governor of Taiz. 1996 Minister of Supply and Trade.


Abubakr Abdullah al-Qirbi - Minister of Foreign Affairs

Born : in Al-Beidhaa

Education/Profession : B.A. in Medicine, Britain. 1979-1983 Dean of the College of Sciences. 1982-1987 Dean of the College of Medicine. 1982- 1993 Vice Rector of Sana'a University

Political career : 1993-1994 Minister of Education


Abdo Ali al-Qubati - Minister of Expatriates Affairs

Born : in Taiz in 1951

Education/Profession : University graduate and High Diplomas. Author, Principal of a Teachers' Institute, Vice General Manger of the Education Office.

Political career : Assistant Deputy for the Training Sector in the Ministry of Education. 1994-1997 Minister of Education. Consultant to the Prime Minster. Member of the Consultative council. Minister of Immigrants


Abdulrahman al-Akwa' - Minister of Youth and Sports

Born : in Al-Sawdah

Education/Profession : B.A. in economics, Sana'a University

Political career : Secretary of the President. Deputy Minister of Information and Culture. Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports. Vice Minister of Information. 1993 Member of the Parliament and Minister of Information 1997- Minister of Information .


Abdulwahab Rawih - Minister of Insurance and Civil Services

Born : in Taiz in 1952

Education/Profession : B. A Sana'a University. M.A in Linguistics, Egypt. Ph.D Egypt. Demonstrator at the Department of Arabic, Sana'a University. 1993 Dean of the Languages Center

Political career : 1994- Minister of Youth and Sports. 1998 Minister of Youth and Sports


Ahmed Salem al-Jabali - Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation

Born : in Hodeidah in 1944

Education/Profession : M.A. in Economics, Czechoslovakia. Representative of the Ministry of Economy at the Tobacco and Matches Company. Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bajel cement plant. Chairman of the Yemeni Company for Land Transportation. General Manager of the national Company for Industrial Resources at the Ministry of Planning. Vice Chairman of the Oil Company

Political career : 1994 Minister of Agriculture


Ahmed Mohammed Sofan - Minister of Planning and Development

Born : in Hajjah in 1958

Education/Profession : Diploma in Economics and Political Sciences, Britain. B.A in Law Sana'a University

Political career : 1988 Member of the Shura Council. 1993 Member of the Parliament. 1996 Minister of Industry. 1997 Member of the Parliament.


Abdullah Hussein al-Dafi' - Minister of Public Works and Urban Planning

Born : in 1959

Education/Profession : B.A. in civil Engineering, USA. 1984-1986 Supervisor of Road constructions

Political career : 1986- 1987 Head of the Asphalting Office, Ministry of Municipality. 1987-1994 General Manager of Projects at the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Urban development. 1994-1995 General Manager of designs at the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Urban Development .


Dr.Yahya Mohammed al-Shuaibi - Minister of Higher Edn, Scientific Research

Born : in Al-Dhala, Lahj on April 27 1952

Education/Profession : B.A in Chemistry, Libya. Masters in Physical Chemistry, USA. Ph. D. in Analytical Chemistry, USA. Lecturer at the College of Sciences, Sana'a University. Deputy of Students Affairs at the Sana'a University. Assistant for Vice Rector of Sana'a university for the Administrative and Financial Affairs. Assistant Vice Rector of Sana'a University for the Students Affairs.

Political career : Minister of Information.


Ali Hassan al-Ahmadi - Minister of Fisheries

Born : in Shabwah in 1956

Education/Profession : Ph.D. in Economics

Political career : Legal Advisor to the Yemen Embassy in Bulgaria. 1991- Governor of Al-Beidhaa. 1994 Governor of Hajjah


Abdullah Ali Elewa - Minister of Defense

Born : in Shabwah in 1947

Education/Profession : Masters in Military Sciences. Commander of the Air force in the former South of Yemen. Chief of Staff. Governor of Al-Gawf. 1994 Chief of Staff.

Political career : Minister of Defense.


Abdulmalik al-Mu'alimi - Minister of Communication

Born : in Dhamar in 1954

Education/Profession : B.A. in Engineering, China. Higher studies in Administration. Engineer at the Ministry of Public Works. Teacher and Principal until 1987.

Political career : 1987-1990 General Manager of the Technical Training at the Ministry of Education. 1990-1992 Deputy Minister of Labor. 1997- Vice Minister of Education.


Fadhl Abu Ghanem - Minister of Education

Born : in Sana'a in 1949

Education/Profession : B.A. in Psychology, Libya. M.A. Cairo. Ph.D. Cairo. Dean of the Students Affairs at Sana'a University

Political career : Vice Rector for Students Affairs


Saeed Yafaee - Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs

Born : in Yafe, Lahj on November 4 1944

Education/Profession : B.A. Navigation, Britain, 1965. M.A. Britain, 1967. Ph.D. Britain, 1971. 1971- 1974 Sea guide at the Aden Sea Port

Political career : 1974- 1990 responsible for the maritime affairs during the former People's Democratic Republic of Yemen (PDRY). 1990 Chairman of the General Authority of Maritime Affairs


Abdulwahab al-Rawhani - Minister of Culture

Born : in Al-Mahweet in 1956

Education/Profession : M.A. in Journalism, Belarus. 1976 Editor at the Saba News Agency. Head of the Political Department at the Saba News Agency. Editing Secretary of Al-Wahdah Newspaper. Editor in Chief of 22 May newspaper

Political career : 1993 Member of the Parliament. 1997 Member of the Parliament .


Rasheed Ba Raba'a - Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources

Born : in Hadhramaut in 1952

Education/Profession : Masters in Oil and Chemistry, USSR. Ph. D. Moscow, 1987. Lecturer at the Oil and Geology Institute.

Political career : 1996 Deputy Minister of Oil and Mineral Wealth.


Kassim Al-A'jam - Minister of Endowments and Guidance

Born : in Sadah in 1958

Education/Profession : B.A. in Commerce and Economics

Secretary of the Local Councils in Sadah for three times. Member of the General Authority to Develop the Northern districts. ember of the General Cooperative Agricultural Union. General Manger of Culture and Information at the general union of Cooperative societies

Political career : Deputy Minister of Endowments.


Rashad al-Alimi - Minister of Interior

Born : in Taiz in 1954

Education/Profession : Military Academy, Kuwait 1975. 1978- 1981, Criminal Investigation Administration, Sana'a M.A. Egypt 1984. Ph.D. Egypt 1988. 1989 Lecturer at the Sana'a University.

Political career : 1989 General Manager of Legal Affairs at the Ministry of Interior. 1994 Chairmen of the Immigration, Passport and naturalization Authority. 1996 Director of Taiz Security Office.


Abdulmalik Abdulrahman al-Iryani - Minister of Tourism and Environment

Born : in Ibb in 1957

Education/Profession : B.A. in Economics, USA. Director of the Small Enterprises Development Unit

Political career : General Manager of the Technical Cooperation at the Ministry of Planning. Director of the Training Office at the Ministry of Planning. Chairman of the UN office at the former Central Planning Organization. Chairman of the Supreme Council for Marital and Children's Affairs.


Abdulkarim al-Arhabi - Minister of Labor and Social Affairs

Born :

Education/Profession : General manger of the Social Fund for Development

Political career : Minister of Labor and Social Affairs


Hussein Dhaifallah al-Awadhi - Minister of Information

Born :

Education/Profession : B.A. Economical and Political Sciences, Sana'a University. Diploma in International Politics, Sana'a University. M.A. in Journalism, USA. Editor of the Davis University Newspaper. Member of the International Center of Journalists, Washington. 1994-1999 Secretary General of the Yemeni Olympic Committee. 1986-1996 Chairmen of the Yemeni Union of Sports Media. Officer of Information and at the UN Society. Vice Chairman of the Journalists Syndicate in Sana'a. Chief Editor of the Saba News Agency. Member of the General Secretariat of the Arab News Agencies Union. Member of the Consultative Authority at the Committee for Human Rights. Professor of Arab Media and specialized journalism at the Sana'a university.

Political career : Minister of Information.


Ahmed Aqabat - Minister of Justice

Born : in 1958

Education/Profession : Graduate of the Supreme Institute for Judiciary. Chairman of West Sana'a Court. Chairman of Ibb Court of Appeal. Chairman of Taiz Court of Appeal.

Political career : Minister of Justice


Abdulnasser al-Munaibari - Minister of Public Health and Population

Born : in Seyoun in 1956

Education/Profession : M.A. in Cardiac Diseases. Ph.D. in Internal Medicine and Cardiac Diseases. Associate Professor at the College of Medicine, Sana'a University. General Manager of Al-Thawrah Hospital

Political career : Minister of Public Health and Population


Yahya Al-Abyadh - Minister of Electricity and Water

Born : in Sana'a

Education/Profession : B.A. in Electrical Engineering, Germany. Training courses in America, France, Italy and Jordan. Chief Engineer at the Dhahban Power Station, Katheeb Power Station and then its General Manager 1997- General Manger of the General Authority of Electricity.

Political career : Minister of Electricity and Water


Alawi Hassan al-Attas - Minister of State for Parliament and Shura Affairs

Born : in Hodeidah in 1949

Education/Profession : College of Commerce, Cairo

Political career : Member of Parliament. Member of the Supreme Election Committee. Chairman of the Supreme Election Committee


Dr.Wahiba Fari' - Minister of State for Human Rights

Born : in August 1954 in Taiz

Education/Profession : B.A. In English Literature, Sana'a University. Ph.D. in Philosophy, Egypt. Dean of the Yemen Institute for Languages. Member of the Supreme Committee for Human Rights. Rector of Arwa University.

Political career : Minister of State for Human Rights.


Abdullah Hussein al-Bashiri - Minister of State, Secretary General of the Presidential Office


Mohsen al-Yousifi - Minister of State, member of the Cabinet

Born :

Education/Profession : Head of the General Authority of Civil Aviation

Political career : Minister of State, member of the Cabinet.


Khaled al-Sharaf - Minister of State, member of the Cabinet

Born :

Education/Profession :

Political career : Governor of Sana'a. Minister of State, member of the Cabinet


Mohammed Ali Yasser - Minister of State, member of the Cabinet

Born : in Al-Mahrah in 1964

Education/Profession :

Political career : Member of Parliament. Director of Hawth District; Minister of State, member of the Cabinet