Suriyah / Syria

Al Jumhuriyah al Arabiyah as Suriyah / Syrian Arab Republic


The government is formed by the Baath and Independants.

Hizb al Baath al'Arabi al Ishtriraki / Socialist Arab Rebirth Party

Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Mero - President of the Council of Ministers

General Mustapha Tlass - Vice-President of the Council of Ministers, Minister of Defense Unchanged

Eng. Muhammad Naji Otri - Vice-President of the Council of Ministers for Services Affairs NEW

Mr.Farouq al-Shara' - Vice-President of the Council of Ministers, Minister of Foreign Affairs Unchanged

Mr.Mohamad Al-Hussein - Vice-President of the Council of Ministers for the Economic Affairs NEW

Mr.Nasser Qaddour - Minister of State for Emigrants Affairs Unchanged

Dr.Muhammad Iyad Al-Shatti - Minister of Health Unchanged

Eng.Mohamad Radwan Martini - Minister of Irrigation NEW

Eng.Muneeb Ben Ass'ad Saim Al-Dahr - Minister of Electricity Unchanged

Mr.Mohamad Ziadeh - Minister of Al-Awqaf Unchanged

Mr.Adnan Omran - Minister of Information Unchanged

Mr.Haytham Duaihi - Minister of Presidency Affairs Unchanged

Dr.Mohamad Al-Sayed - Minister of Education Unchanged

Mr.Mohamad Nabil Al-Khatib - Minister of Justice Unchanged

Dr.Issam Al-Za'im - Minister of Industry changed post

Obs : ex State Minister for Planning

Dr. Hassan Risheh - Minister of Higher Education Unchanged

Eng. Mukram Obeid - Minister of Transportation Unchanged

Dr.Mohammad al-Atrash - Minister of Finance NEW

Major-General Ali Hammoud - Interior Minister NEW

Dr.Ghassan al-Rifai - Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade NEW

Dr.Ibrahim Haddad - Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources NEW

Mr.Bashir Al-Munajed - Minister of Communications NEW

Mr.Hilal Al-Atrash - Minister of Local Administration NEW

Dr.Saadallah Agha el Qallaa - Minister of Tourism NEW

Mr.Nouriddin Mina - Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform NEW

Mr.Husam Al -Aswad - Minister of Construction NEW

Mrs.Najwa Qassab Hassan - Minister of Culture NEW

Mr.Ayman Wanly - Minister of Housing NEW

Mrs.Ghada Al-Jabi - Minister of Labour and Social Afairs NEW

Mr.Bassam Mohamad Rustom - Minister of Supply and Internal commerce NEW

Mr.Faysal Jawish - Minister of State NEW

Mr.Abdul Karim Sayed Yousef - Minister of State NEW

Mr.Abdul Nasser Abdul Mu'ti Daoud - Minister of State NEW

Mr.Adnan Khuzam - Minister of State for Environment Afairs NEW


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