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(Rossiyskaya Federatsiya / Russian Federation)


The government is formed by Medved and non-partisan technocrats.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin -President

Born : 1952 October, 7, Sankt Petersburg (Leningrad)

Education/Profession : 1975 - Law Department, Leningrad State University. 1975 - After graduating from university he started to work in KGB's foreign intelligence service, mainly in Germany, worked also as adviser of the Leningrad State Unuiversity's rector on international cooperation.

Political experience : 1990 - Left KGB, and became close to Sobchak, first as a head of mayor's external relations committee and then, from March 1994 as a deputy mayor. He headed also the local branch of Our Home is Russia. 1996 (Sep) - resigned after Sobchak's defeat and moved to Moscow, where he was appointed deputy head of the management department in the presidential administration under P.Borodin. 1997 March - 1998 May - heads Main Controlling Department of the Presidential Administration. 1998, May - appointed deputy head of administration in charge of relations with the regions. 1998, August - Director of FSB, member of the Security Council since October. 1999, March - appointed also secretary of the Security Council. 1999, August 9 - Proposed by Yeltsin as new Prime Minister.

Mikhail Mikhaylovich Kasyanov - Prime Minister

Born : 1957 Solntsevo, Moscow Oblast

Education/Profession : Graduated from the Moscow Automobile Institute and the State Planning Committee's (Gosplan) Higher Economics Program. After serving in the army worked at the USSR State Committee for Construction's industrial transport research institute. 1981-1990 - worked at the USSR State Planning Committee first as an engineer, and subsequently as a senior economist, chief expert and section chief.

Political experience : In 1990 he was appointed chief of the section for foreign economic relations at the Russian State Committee for Economics. 1991 - The head of the department of foreign economic relations, Ministry of Finances. 1993-1995 - The head of the department for foreign credit debt, Ministry of Finances since 1995 - the Deputy Minister of Finance and 1996, December - appointed the member of the Intergovernmental Commission on the Council of Europe. 1999, May - appointed Minister of Finance in S.Stepashin's government. Responsible for negotiations with the London and Paris Clubs. 1999, August - reappointed in V. Putin's government. 2000 (Jan) - Appointed First Deputy Prime Minister.

Aleksey Vasilyevich Gordeyev - Deputy Prime Minister

Born : Born : 1955 February 28, Frankfurt am Oder, Germany

Education/Profession : 1978 - Moscow Institute of Railways Engineering. 1992 - Academy of National Economy.

Political experience : 1980-92 - Various posts within the Soviet agrcultural complex - Moscow, Moscow oblast. 1992-97 - Deputy head of administration of Lyubertsy region, Moscow Oblast, active member of the Agrarian Party. 1997-98 - Director of the Ecomic Department of the Ministry of Agriculture. 1998-99 - First Deputy Minister, Ministry of Agriculture. 1999, August - appointed Minister of Agriculture. 2000, May - reappointed to the same post and as Deputy Prime Minister in M. Kasyanov's government.

Also : Minister of Agriculture

Viktor Borisovich Khristenko - Deputy Prime Minister

Born : 1957 August 28th, Chelyabinsk

Education/Profession : Economist from the Chelyabinsk Polytechnic Institute. Has also studied at the Russian government's Academy of the National Economy. 1979-90 - Worked at the Chelyabinsk Polytechnical Institute as engineer, Head of laboratory and lecturer.

Political experience : 1990 - Became involved in Chelyabinsk city politics. 1991-94 - Deputy Head of Administration of Chelyabinsk oblast, handling economic problems. 1994-96 - First Deputy Head of Administration of Chelyabinsk oblast. 1997 (Mar-Jun) - Briefly served as the President's representative in Chelyabinsk oblast, and later that year become Deputy Finance Minister. 1997 (Jul) - 98 (Apr) - Deputy Finance Minister. 1998 (Apr) - Appointed new Deputy Prime Minister (responsible for finance and economy, center-periphery relations) in S. Kiriyenko's government.

Ilya Iosifovich Klebanov - Deputy Prime Minister

Born : May 7, 1951 in Leningrad

Education/Profession : Graduated from the Leningrad Kalinin's Polytechnical Institute in 1974 as an electrophysics engineer. Since 1974 until 1977 worked as an engineer at the "Electron" scientific production enterprise.Began to work for the Leningrad Optics and Mechanics Association (LOMO) in 1977. Worked there as construction engineer, foreman of the optics shop, Chief of the consruction bureau, Chief of the technology bureau, aide to Chief Technician. In 1989-90 he has been Chief Engineer of the LOMO medical technology and public-consumption production complex. Since 1992 he has been General Director of LOMO.

Political experience : From December 1997 until May 31 1999 has been First Vice Governor and Chairman of the St. Petersburg Administration's Economy and Industrial Policy Committee. On May 31, 1999 was appointed Vice Premier of the Russian Federation Government, in charge of the military-industrial complex affairs.

Aleksey Leonidovich Kudrin - Deputy Prime Minister

Born : 1960 October 12, Dobel, Latvia

Education/Profession : 1983 - Graduate from Leningrad state university, economist. 1983-90- Worked at various acedemic institutions in Leningrad. 1990-96- Worked at the mayor's office in St. Petersburg, the Lengorispolkom administration.

Political experience : 1996-97-Deputy head of presidential administration under A. Chubays. 1997- First deputy Minister of Finances RF.

Also : Minister of Finance

Valentina Ivanovna Matviyenko - Deputy Prime Minister

Born : 1949

Education/Profession : Graduated from Leningrad Chemical-Pharmaceutical Institute in 1972. Studied at the CPSU Central Committee's Academy of General Sciences, and completed advanced courses in diplomacy at the Diplomatic Academy of the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Political experience : Matvienko worked as Deputy Chair of Leningrad City Executive Committee until 1989. 1989-1991 Chair of the USSR Supreme Soviet Committee on Women, Children and Family issues. 1991-1994 Russia's Ambassador to Malta. 1995-1997 Director of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Liason Department with the Russian Parliament, regions and political organizations. 1997-1998 Russian Ambassador to Greece. 1998, September 22 - appointed Deputy Prime Minister in charge of social issues in the new Primakov government. 1999, May - re-appointed in S.Stepashin's government 1999, August - re-appointed deputy prime minister in V. Putin's government .

Ilya Arturovich Yuzhanov - Minister of Anti-Monopoly Policy and Enterprise Support

Born : 1960 Leningrad (St Petersburg)

Education/Profession : Advanced training in economics. He taught economics in various institutions around Leningrad before joining the city government's economic reforms committee, which he eventually headed.

Political experience : 1994 (Apr) - became Head of the municipal land resources committee, and in May 1997 moved on to chair a similar committee on the federal level. 1998 (Apr) - appointed Minister on Land Policy, Construction and the Housing and Utilities Sector (The ministry absorbs functions of the abolished State Land Committee, State Committee on Housing and Construction Policy, and the Federal Service on Surveying and Cartography.)

Alexander Rumyantsev - Minister of Atomic Energy

Born : in 1945

Education/Profession : Work as an engineer at the Russian Research Center (RRC) known as Kurchatov Institute in 1969, right after graduation from the Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute. He went through all career stages and has headed the RRC until now. In 1997 he was elected a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (physics) and in 2000 he became an academician at that academy. His research specialty is experimenting in physics. He is a 1986 State Prize winner and is the author of over 70 scientific articles and reports.

Political experience : Minister of Atomic Energy

Sergey Kuzhugetovich Shoygu - Minister of Civil Defense, Emergencies, and Natural Disasters

Born : 1955 May 21, Chadan, Tuva ASSR

Education/Profession : 1977 - Graduated from Krasnoyarsk Polytechnical Institute. Profession: construction engineer. Major-General. Had a successful career in the construction industry in Krasnoyarsk Krai, and became involved in Party and Komsomol work.

Political experience : 1990 - Vice deputy of the chairman of the state committee on architecture and construction in Moscow. 1991(November)-1994 (January) - chairman of the state committee on civil defence, state of emergency and liquidation of natural disasters. 1992 - (January) chairman of the state committee on regulation of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict. 1993 (January) - Member of the Security Council. 1994 - (January) Minister of Civil Defence, State Emergency and Natural Disasters. Reappointed in 1996 and 1998, under both Kiriyenko and Primakov's governments.


Mikhail Yefimovich Shvydkoy - Minister of Culture

Born :

Political experience : 2000, May 18 - appointed Minister of Culture in M. Kasyanov's government.

Sergei Ivanov - Minister of Defense

Born : on January 31, 1953 in St. Petersburg

Education/Profession : Graduated from the translation department of the Philology Faculty at Leningrad State University in 1975. In 1976 he finished a higher training course of the USSR KGB in Minsk, and five years later he completed a course of training at the 101st School in the First Main Directorate of the KGB in Moscow (today it is called the Andropov Institute). (Speaks English and Swedish).

Political experience : Worked for 18 years in the Foreign Intelligence Service, holding various posts in the central apparatus and abroad. Prior to August 1998 he headed the Department of analysis, forecasting and strategic planning of the FSB, the Federal Security Service. He was FSB Deputy Director from August 1998. He holds the rank of Lt.-General. President Vladimir Putin appointed Sergei Ivanov to the post of Secretary of the Security Council on November 15, 1999.

Lyubov Kudelina - Deputy Defense Minister

Born : in 1955 in Vladivostok

Education/Profession : Majored in economics at the Moscow Financial Institute.

Political experience : In 1977 to 1992 she occupied various posts at the Finance Ministry of the Russian Federation and in 1992 was appointed deputy chief of the budget department at that ministry. After that she headed the defense and law-enforcement department at the Finance Ministry. She was on the ministry's board since 1998, and in 1999 she was appointed deputy Finance Minister.

German Oskarovich Gref - Minister of Economic Development and Trade

Born : 1964 February 8, Kazakhstan

Education/Profession : 1990 - Omsk State University, Law Faculty. 1991 - Post-graduate studies at Sankt Petersburg State University. 1991-94 - legal adviser to the regional adminsitration in one of Sankt Petersburg's raions, head of the raion Committee on City Property.

Political experience : 1994 - Deputy head and director of the department of the Real Property of the Snakt Petersburg Mayor Office. 1997, July - deputy governor, head of the City Property Committee in Sankt Petersburg. 1998, August - first deputy minister of the Ministry of State Property

Vladimir Mikhaylovich Filippov - Minister of Education

Born :

Education/Profession : 1985-93 - Rector of the Mathematics Department of Patrice Lumumba University

Political experience : 1998 (September) - Appointed Minister of education. 1999, May, August - reappointed in Stepashin's and Putin's governments.

Aleksandr Viktorovich Blokhin - Minister of Federation Affairs and Nationalities and Migration Policy

Born :

Political experience : Director of Department for ties with the subjects of the Russian Federation, Ministry Foreign Affairs. 1995 - Ambassador to Azerbaijan. 2000 (Jan) - Minister for Federation Affairs and Nationalities

Igor Sergeyevich Ivanov - Minister of Foreign Affairs

Born : 1945 Moscow

Education/Profession : Graduated from Moscow Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages in 1969. 1969-73: Junior Researcher at Institute of World Economics and International relations, USSR Academy of Sciences

Political experience : 1973- Diplomatic service. 1973-83 Second, then First Secretary, Counsellor, Counsellor-Envoy, USSR Embassy in Spain. 1983-84 Expert First European Dept., Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 1984-85 Counsellor of Minister. 1985-86 Asst. Minister. 1987-92: Deputy Chief, then Chief of Department 1989-91 Chief Gen. Secretary, member of Bd. 1991-94 Russian Ambassador to Spain. 1994 First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. 1995 (Jan) Appointed State Secretary and First Deputy Foreign Minister. 1998 (Sept) Appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs by his former boss, Prime Minister Primakov.

Yuriy Leonidovich Shevchenko - Minister of Health

Born :

Political experience : 1999, August - appointed Minister of Health in V. Putin's government . 2000, May - reappointed in M. Kasyanov's government.

Aleksandr Nikolayevich Dondukov - Minister of Industry, Science, and Technology

Born : 1954

Education/Profession : 1977 - Moscow Institute of Aviation. Worked in Mikoyan and Yakovlev Construction Offices.

Political experience : 2000, May 18 - Appointed Minister of Industry, Science and Technology in M. Kasyanov's government.

Boris Gryzlov - Minister of Internal Affairs (MVD)

Born : in Vladivostok December 15, 1960

Education/Profession : In 1973, he graduated from the Leningrad Electrotechnical Communication Institute, where he majored in radio engineering. Worked as an engineer for Komintern Scientific and Production Association (All Union Research Institute of Powerful Radio Engineering). From 1977 on worked for the electronics center of LPO Elektronpripor. In 1997, became one of the founders of OOO Elektronpribor. In 1996, he became director of Educational and Methodological Center of New Educational Technologies of the D.F. Ustinov Baltic State Technical University. Between 1998 and 1999, President, Inter-Regional Fund for Business Cooperation.

Political experience : In 1999, became head of St. Petersburg branch of Inter-Regional Unity Movement. On December 19, 1999, elected State Duma deputy. Since January 12, 2000, Unity faction chairman. On May 26, 2000 appointed representative for ties with the G-7.

Yuriy Yakovlevich Chayka - Minister of Justice

Born : 1951 May 21, Nikolayevsk na Amure

Education/Profession : 1968-70 - Studies at the Polytechnic University in Komsomolsk na Amure. 1976 - Sverdlovsk Institute of Law. 1970-72 - Service in the Soviet Army. 1976- Trainee at Prosecutor's Office in Ust-Udinsk, Irkutsk Oblast. 1976-78 - Prosecutor in Ust-Udinsk

Political experience : 1978-79 - Deputy Prosecutor of the Interregional Prosecutor's Office in Tulunsk, Irkutsk oblast. 1979-83 - Transport Prosecutor in Tayshetsk, East Siberian Transport Prosecutor's Office. 1983-84 - Head of the Investigation Department of East Siberian Transport Prosecutor's Office 1984 - 86 - Instructor of the Adminsitration Department of the Irkutsk Oblast Committee of the CPSU. 1986 - 88 - First Deputy Prosecutor of the Irkutsk Oblast. 1988 - 90 - head of state and legal department of the Irkutsk Oblast Committee of the CPSU. 1990 -92 - Transport Prosecutor of East-Siberian Region. 1992 -95 - Irkutsk Oblast's Prosecutor since November 1995 - First Deputy Prosecutor of the Russian Federation. 1999, April to August - Acting General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation, retired. 1999, August 17 - Appointed Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation by President Yeltsin's decree.

Aleksandr Petrovich Pochinok - Minister of Labor and Social Development

Born : 1958 January 12

Education/Profession : 1980-Engineer-economist from Chelyabinsk polytechnical institute. 1982-90 - Scientific researcher at the Institute of Economy of the USSR Academy of sciences.

Political experience : 1990- Elected people's deputy to the RSFSR Comgress. Chairman of the Committee for budget, taxes and prices at the Council of Republics, the Supreme Soviet. 1993- Deputy Minister of Finances, the Russian Federation. 1994- Member of "Russia's Democratic Choice" political council 1995 - Elected deputy of the State Duma from the single mandate constituency no.185. Nominated candidate by Russia's Democratic Choice - United Democrats. On 17 April 1997 named chairman of the Federal Tax Service. 1998- (May) sacked as head of federal tax service.

Boris Aleksandrovich Yatskevich - Minister of Natural Resources

Born :

Political experience : 1999, August - appointed Minister for Natural Resources

Mikhail Yuryevich Lesin - Minister of Press, Television, Radio Broadcasting, and Mass Communications

Born :

Political experience : 1999, August - appointed Minister of Press, TV, Radio and Mass-Media in V. Putin's government

Farit Rafikovich Gazizullin - Minister of Property Relations

Born : 1946 Selenodolsk, Tatarstan

Education/Profession : Trained in water transport engineering and sociology.

Political experience : 1987 - Appointed director of the Tatarstan Council of Ministers' Department on Economics and Social Development. 1989 - First Deputy Chairman of the State Planning Committee of Tatarstan. 1991 - First Deputy Prime Minister of Tatarstan and Chairman of Tatarstan State Committee for Industrial Policies and the Management of State Property. 1992 - Moved to federal-level property management. 1996 (June) - Appointed First Deputy Chairman of the Federal State Property Committee. That committee became a Ministry on 30 September. 1997 (20 Dec) - Appointed Minister of State Property, Deputy Prime Minister. 1998 (Apr) - Reappointed as Minister of State Property in the Kiriyenko-cabinet. 1998 (Sept) - Appointed Minister of State Property in Primakov cabinet. 1999, May, August - reappointed in S.Stepashin's and V. Putin's governments.

Nikolay Yemelyanovich Aksenenko - Minister of Railways

Born : 1949 March 15th, Novosibirsk oblast

Education/Profession : 1972 - Railway Engineer from the Novosibirsk Railway Institute. 1990 - Academy of the National Economy of the USSR. Has risen to his current post from an entry-level position at the East Siberian Railroads.

Political experience : 1994-97 - Deputy Minister, then First Deputy Minister of the Railways. 1997 (Apr) - Minister of the Railways. Reappointed in March 1998. Reappointed in September 1998 by Primakov. 1999, May - appointed First Deputy Prime Minister in S. Stepashin's government, re-appointed in V.Putin's government in August 1999.

Vladimir Vasilyevich Yelagin - Minister of Socioeconomic Development in Chechnya

Born : 1955 April 20th

Education/Profession : 1977 - Construction engineer from Orenburg Polytechnical Institute. 1977-79 - Army service. 1979-80 - Worked in the Agricultural administation of Aleksandrovkiy rayon.

Political experience : 1980-85 - Deputy Commander, later Commander of student troop of Orenburg oblast. 1985-90 - Secretary, then First Secretary of the Komsomol committee of Orenburg oblast. 1990-91 - First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Komsomol of the RSFSR. 1991(Nov) - Appointed Head of Administation of Orenburg oblast. 1995 (Dec) - Reelected as Head of Administration. Member of the political council of Our Home is Russia. 1999 (Dec) Lost the second round of gubernatorial elections.

Gennadiy Ivanovich Bukayev - Minister of Taxes and Levies

Born : 1947

Political experience : 2000, May - Appointed Minister of Tax and Tax Collection in M. Kasyanov's government

Leonid Dododzhonovich Reyman - Minister of Telecommunications and Information

Born :

Political experience : Minister of Telecommunications and Information

Sergey Ottovich Frank - Minister of Transportation

Born : 1960 Novosibirsk

Education/Profession : Studied marine engineering in the Far East. Made a career in the Far Eastern Shipping Company.

Political experience : 1995 - Appointed to handle marine transport in the Russian Ministry of Transportation, eventually becoming Deputy Minister. 1998 (March) - Became acting Transportation Minister, until officially appointed in April 1998. 1998 (September) - Reappointed as Minister of transportation by Primakov, Stepashin and Putin.