(Républica del Peru)

NEW GOVERNMENT SINCE September 5, 2001

The government is formed by the PP (Peru Posible / Possible Peru) and partners.

Dr.Roberto Dañino Zapata - Chief of the Government

Born :

Education/Profession : He returned to Peru following the management he assumed of Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering's Latin American Practice Group (LAPG) Lawyers Office. He worked in the field for over 25 years in almost all Latin America, and represneted various private and public customers as well as multilateral entities.

Alvaro Quijandría - Minister of Agriculture

Born :

Education/Profession : Studied Agronomic Engineering at La Molina University, is nowadays manager of the Business Consultancy Service of Apoyo company. He was president of Peru's Association of Agriculture Businessmen and vice-president of the Confiep.

Political career : Quijandria ran for Congress in 1995, 2000 and 2001.

David Waisman - Minister of Defense

Born : 4 May 1937, in the city of Chiclayo (Lambayeque)

Education/Profession : He worked as chairman of the Committee for Small Industries of the National Society of Industries in Perú,as well as a member of the Directory Board of the latter. He also served as a national spokesman of the board of Coordination of the Corporation of Small and Micro Enterprises, also a founder member of COPEI and was re-elected chairman thre years on end since 1997. He also served as a manager director of Industrial Gameda.

Political career : Elected in 2000 as a congressman for Perú Posible. Presently, he chairs the Parliamentary commission investigating former prsidential adviser Vladimiro Montesinos' bank accounts.

Also : Second Vice President

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski - Minister of Economy and Finance

Born :

Education/Profession : First professional experience in 1961 when he served as a World Bank oficial for loans and as an economist for Latin America and New Zeland. Then he served as an advisor to the Banco Central de Reserva de Perú until he assumed the function of its general manager . From 1971 to 1975 he was back to the World Bank and held the position of chief economist for North America, head of the Planning division and leader of the economists for the International Financial Corporation. Between 1973 and 1975 he was vice president and subsequently partner of the International department of Kuhn, Loeb & Company International, presently he is part of Lehman Brothers' investments bank. General Manager of First Boston Corporation, nowadays Credit Suisse First Boston, where he assumed the presidency until 1992. Then he served at the Corporación Interamericana de Inversiones (InterAmerican Corporation for Investments), which is part of the American Bank for Development [Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID)] and at the Compañía Andina de Fomento (Andine Company for Develpment) and in the directory boards of the Chilian group CAP,with credits in mining and forestry.

Political career : In 1968 he became manager of the Banco Central de Reservas and from 1980 to 1982 he was Energy and Mines Minister.

Nicolás Javier Lynch Gamero - Minister of Education

Born :

Education/Profession : He holds a doctorate in sociology from the New School For Social Research (New York, USA). Political scientist and professor. he is part of the committee that organizes the Master's degree course of Sociology in San Marcos University. He also writes for La Republic newspaper.

Political career : Ran for Congress in 1992, 1995 and 2001.

Jaime Quijandría - Minister of Energy and Mines

Born :

Education/Profession : Graduated as an engineer in agronomics from the National Agrarian University in 1961, a fellow-graduate of Alberto Fujimori. He specialized in agrarian economy.

Political career : Started his political career in public administration oin the 70s, during the rule of the miltary government. In 1975 he served as chairman of ENCI and subsequently he assumed the vice-ministry of Economícs.

Javier Reátegui Roselló - Minister of Fisheries

Born :

Education/Profession : Fishing businessman. He was director of the National Society of Fishing, president of Grau Fishing Association and board's president of Qoscho company.

Political career : During the last election, he was part of Peru Posible list of candidates for Congress for Piura department, however, this list was not registered in time.

Diego García Sayán - Minister of Foreign Affairs

Born :


Dr.Luis María Santiago Eduardo Solari de La Fuente - Minister of Health

Born :

Education/Profession :

Raúl Diez-Canseco - Minister of Industry, Integration, and International Trade Negotiations

Born : Lima 23 January 1948

Education/Profession : Studied at San Ignacio de Loyola University and he is a pioneer regarding franchises in Peru. He held the following positions : vice minister of Tourism, president of Foptur and director of Corpac.

Political career : He began in politics in 1990, when he was elected MP for Lima for the Frente Democratico. In 1993, he ran for Lima mayoralty and in 1995 he ran for presidency, representing the Accion Popular party, but without success.

Also : First Vice President

Fernando Miguel Rospigliosi Capurro - Minister of Interior

Born :

Education/Profession : Journalist Rospigliosi is an expert on military and security issues. He has written for important media, like Caretas magazine and La Republica newspaper.

Fernando Olivera Vega - Minister of Justice

Born :

Education/Profession : Who studied administration at Pacifico University.

Political career : His political career began when he was 21, when he worked at the Prosecutor's Office. became congressman in 1985, when he was 26, thus being the youngest congressman. In 1990, he founded the Frente Independiente Moralizador-FIM (Moralizing Independent Front) and has been elected as congressmen in 1992, 1995 and 2000.



Fernando Villarán de la Puente - Minister of Labor

Born :

Education / Profession : He is one of the most distinguished promoters for small and micro enterprises in the country.

Ing.Carlos Bruce Montes de Oca - Minister of Presidency

Born :

Education / Profession : Who studied economy at Lima University and has post-grades from ESAN and Harvard, worked before as president of Peru's Exports Association (ADEX), as the Confiep's director and as economy professor in Lima University.

Political career : He is also congressman and secretary-general of Peru Posible party.

Luz Doris Sánchez - Minister of Promotion of the Woman

Born :

Education/Profession : Biologist, she was member of the Center of Research in Biochemistry and Nutrition of San Marcos University. She worked as director of the Post-grade School of that university from April 1985 to May 1995, when she became first vice-president of the commission to reorganize Enrique Guzman y Valle University.

Political career : Founder of Perú Posible and congresswoman.



Luis Chang Reys - Minister of Transport

Born :

Education/Profession : Studied Civil Engineering at the UNI and hold masters done in Germany and Holland. He was director of Cenergia and vice-president of Electro Lima and director of Cofide. He is an expert on issues related to water supply problems and social development. He is an ex World Bank official.

Political career : During Valentin Panigua's government, he has been working as vice-minister of infrastructure of the Presidency Minister.