(Kongeriket Norge / Kingdom of Norway) 


The government is formed by the KrF (Kristelig Folkeparti / Christian People's Party),

the H (Høyre / Right) and the V (Venstre / Left).


Kjell Magne Bondevik - Prime Minister

Born : on 3 September 1947, in Molde in the County of Møre and Romsdal.

Education/Profession : Is a theological candidate from Norway's Free Faculty of Theology in 1975.  In 1979 he was ordained as priest in the (Lutheran) Church of Norway.

Party : KrF (Kristelig Folkeparti / Christian People's Party, christian-democratic)

Political career : Deputy leader there 1968-1970. Leader of the party's youth organisation 1970-1973. In 1972-1973 he was a member of the municipal council and the school board of Nesodden in the County of Akershus. Member of the Storting (Parliament), for the County of Møre og Romsdal, since 1973 and was a deputy member 1969-1973. Leader of the Christian Democratic Party 1983-1995.He was his party's parliamentary leader 1981-1983, 1986-1989, 1993-1997, 1997 and 2000-2001. He was member of the Storting's standing committee on foreign affairs 2000-2001, 1993-1997 and 1986-1989, the standig committee on defence affairs 1990-1993, the standing committee on finance 1977-1983 and the standing committee on church and education 1973-1977. Prime Minister 1997-2000, Minister of Foreign Affairs in Jan P. Syse's government 1989-1990, Minister of Church and Education in Kåre Willoch's government 1983-1986, also Prime Minister Willoch's deputy 1985-1986, and state secretary at the Office of the Prime Minister during Lars Korvald's  government 1972-1973.

Lars Sponheim - Minister of Agriculture

Born : 23 May 1957 in Halden, Østfold.

Party : V (Venstre / Left, liberal)

Laila Dåvøy - Minister of Children and Family Affairs

Party : KrF (Kristelig Folkeparti / Christian People's Party, christian-democratic)

Valgerd Svarstad Haugland - Minister of Church and Culture

Party : KrF (Kristelig Folkeparti / Christian People's Party, christian-democratic)

Kristin Krohn Devold - Minister of Defence

Born : 12 August 1961 in Ålesund.

Education/Profession : 1980 : Diploma, Upper Secondary School. 1980-1981 : Studies in Science and Mathematics, Oslo. 1985 : Master of Science Degree in Business, NHH (Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration), Bergen. 1985-1986 : Sociology "mellomfag" (intermediate subject) diploma (after 1 years of studies), University of Bergen. 1986-1987 : Market Coordinator, Norsk Data. 1990-1992 : Member of the Board for Oslo Data. 2000-: Member of Andresen & Butenschøn AS (publishing company).

Party : H (Høyre / Right, conservative)

Political career : 1991-1993 : Member of Oslo City Parliament. Representative to Stortinget : 1993-1997, 1997-2001 and 2001-2005 - Representative for Oslo. Membership of the Storting's Presidium : 1993-97 - Secretary for the Lagting. 1993-97 : Substitute Member of the Consultation organ for European Economic Area affairs (The EEA committee). Appointed Minister of Defence 19 October 2001.

Marital status : Married, two children.

Kristin Clemet - Minister of Education and Research

Party : H (Høyre / Right, conservative)

Børge Brende - Minister of the Environment

Born : 25 September 1965

Education/Profession : Cand.mag. from NTNU (Norwegian University for Technology and Science, Trondheim, 1997. Finance director at Brende-Entreprenør AS from 1990-92.

Party : H (Høyre / Right, conservative)

Political career : Deputy representing the county of Sør-Trøndelag 1989-93(Høyre/ The Conservative Party). Deputy representing the county of Sør-Trøndelag 1993-97. Member of the Storting (Norwegian Parliament) representing Sør-Trøndelag 1997-2001 and 2001-2005.

Per-Kristian Foss - Minister of Finance

Born : in 1950 in Oslo.

Education/Profession : A degree ("Cand. mag.") from the University of Oslo 1977.

Party : H (Høyre / Right, conservative)

Political career : Member of the Storting (The Conservative Party) for Oslo since 1977. Member of the Standing Committee on Energy and Industry 1981 - 85, Second Vice-Chairman 1985- 89, Chairman of the Standing Committee on Finance 1989- 93, second Vice -Chairman 1993-97, and member 1997-2001. Member of the Enlarged Committee of Foreign affairs 1997- 2001. Minister of Finance as from 19 October 2001.

Svein Ludvigsen - Minister of Fisheries

Born : 18 July1946, Hillesøy, Troms.

Education/Profession : 1964 : Upper secondary school-leaving certificate. 1964-1970 : Clerical assistant. 1970 : Mercantile Institute. 1971 : Completed business training diploma.1971-1982 : Self-employed manager. 1982-1989: Bank director, Sparebanken Nord-Norge in Tromsø (on leave from 1989).

Party : H (Høyre / Right, conservative)

Political career : 1989 &endash; 2001 : Member of the Storting (Norwegian national assembly) for Troms county. 1997-2001: Deputy member of the Parliamentary Election Committee, member of the Working Procedures Committee, Secretary for the Standing Committee on Scrutiny and Constitutional Affairs. 1997-2001: Member of the parliamentary delegation to the Nordic Council. County Governor of Troms county from 2001. 1997-2001: Member of the Conservative Party Executive Board.

Jan Petersen - Minister of Foreign Affairs

Born : 11 June 1946, Oslo, Norway

Education/Profession : LL.B. (Law), 1973. 1974 Executive Officer, the Consumer Council of Norway. 1974-81 Executive Officer, the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation.

Party : H (Høyre / Right, conservative)

Political career : 1971-73 - Chairman, the Young Conservatives. 1975-81 Mayor, Oppegård. 1976- Member of the National Excecutive Committee of the Conservative Party. 1981- Member of Parliament - Stortinget. 1981-84 Member of the Committee on Local Government and the Environment. 1984- Member of the Standing Committe on Foreign Affairs, Stortinget. 1986-2001. Member of NATO Parliamentary Assembly, i.a. Head of Norwegian delegation and Chairman of the Political Committee. 1994- Leader of the Conservative Party. 2001 October- Minister of Foreign Affairs

Marital status : Married, Two children

Dagfinn Høybråten - Minister of Health

Party : KrF (Kristelig Folkeparti / Christian People's Party, christian-democratic)

Hilde Frafjord Johnson - Minister of International Development

Party : KrF (Kristelig Folkeparti / Christian People's Party, christian-democratic)

Odd Einar Dørum - Minister of Justice and the Police

Born : 1943, Oslo

Party : V (Venstre / Left, liberal)

Victor Danielsen Norman - Minister of Labour and Government Administration

Party :

Erna Solberg - Minister of Local Government and Regional Development

Party : H (Høyre / Right, conservative)

Einar Steensnæs - Minister of Petroleum and Energy

Born : 1942

Education/Profession : MSc degree and held a position as professor before he was elected to Parliament (Stortinget).

Party : KrF (Kristelig Folkeparti / Christian People's Party, christian-democratic)

Political career : Has been a Member of Parliament for the Christian Democrats since 1993. During this period he has been a member of different Parliament Standing Committees, including the Standing Committee on Finance and the Election Committee. He has chaired the Enlarged Foreign Affairs Committee and the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs. He was parliamentary leader for the Christian Democrats from October 1997 till March 2000, and deputy leader from March 2000. He was Minister of Church Affairs and Education from October 1989 till January 1990, and Minister of Education and Research from January till November 1990. October 2001 Minister of Petroleum and Energy.

Ingjerd Schou - Minister of Social Affairs

Born : 1955

Party : H (Høyre / Right, conservative)

Ansgar Gabrielsen - Minister of Trade and Industry

Born : 21 May 1955 in Mandal, Vest-Agder.

Party : H (Høyre / Right, conservative)

Torild Skogsholm - Minister of Transport and Communications

Party : V (Venstre / Left, liberal)


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