(Republica Moldova / Republic of Moldova)


The new government was supported by 75 MPs of the Communist Party and the Braghis Alliance

Vladimir Voronin - President

Born : on 25 May 1941 in Corjova

Party : Communist Party of the Republic of Moldova

Vasily Tarlev - Prime Minister

Born : on October 9, 1963 in southern Moldova

Education/Profession : Graduated from the food technology faculty of the Chisinau Polytechnic Institute. At the Bucuria candy factory (Chisinau) since 1991, where he worked as a mechanic, then Chief Engineer, them Deputy Director General, and since 1995 - Director General. In 1998 became Doctor of Technical Sciences.

Valerian Cristea - Deputy Prime Minister [NEW]

Born : 1950

Note : Communist parliamentarian, has become a 'full-time' Deputy Premier.

Dmitry Todoroglo - Deputy Premier and Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry [NEW]

Born : 1954

Note : Communist parliamentarian, has become a 'full-time' Deputy Premier.

Ion Pacuraru - Minister of Culture [NEW]

Born : 1952

Note : Deputy Chairman of the National Union of Music Composers.

Victor Gaichuk - Minister of Defense [NEW]

Born : 1957

Note : Deputy Minister of Defense.

George Duca - Minister of Ecology, Construction and Territory Development [NEW]

Born : 1952

Note : Chairman of the Commission for Culture and the Mass Media in the previous Parliament.

Andrei Cucu - Minister of Economy and Reform

Born : in 1938

Note : Communist parliamentarian, has become a 'full-time' Deputy Premier.

Ilie Vancea - Minister of Education

Born : 1949

Ion Lesan - Minister of Energy

Born : 1945

Mihai Manoli - Minister of Finance

Born : 1954

Nicolae Cernomaz - Minister of Foreign Affairs

Born : 1949

Andrei Gherman - Minister of Health [NEW]

Born : 1941

Note : Chief Physician of the dermato-venereological dispensary.

Vasily Draganel - Minister of Interior [NEW]

Born : 1962

Note : Head of the Presidential Security Service since 1997.

Ion Morei - Minister of Justice [NEW]

Born : 1955

Note : Deputy of the previous and current Parliaments.

Valerian Revenko - Minister of Labor and Social Protection

Born : 1939

Victor Topa - Minister of Transport and Telecommunication [NEW]

Born : 1967

Note : General Director of the State Civil Aviation Administration.


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