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Vicente Fox Quesada - President

Born : on July 2,1942 in Ciudsad de Mexico.

Education/Profession : Studied business management at the Iberoamerican University, in Mexico City. Graduated with a degree from the Harvard Business School .Started his career in the Coca Cola Group. Then back to Guanajuato employed himself to agriculture and shoe-making.

Party : Partido Acción Nacional (PAN)

Jorge Gutman Castaneda - Foreign Secretary

Born : on May 24 ,1953 in Ciudad de México

Education / Profession : B.A from Princeton University, U.S then received a Ph D in Economical History from París. University / Professor at New York University and at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, and columnist for newspapers and magazines around the world.

Santiago Creel Miranda - Secretary of Government

Born : on December 11, 1954 in Mexico city

Education / Profession : Graduated lawyer from the "Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México" (UNAM) and received a degree from the University of Michigan, U.S.A. Also former citizen counselor to Mexico's Federal Electoral Institute.

Party : Partido Acción Nacional

Vicealmiral.Marco Antonio Peyrot González - Secretary of Navy

Born : on June 10, 1940 in Ciudad de Mexico

Education/Profession : College of National Defense, graduated in Military Administration in Security and National Defense. Special course at the "Matías Romero"Institute depending on the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, completed a special course in diplomacy, International Maritime Law, War Law and Consular Relationship for Army Officers . Has served in the Mexican Navy since 1957. Has also served as Naval Attaché to Embassies in Italy and France.

Alejandro Gertz Manero - Secretary of Public Security and Justice Services

Born : on October 31, 1939 in Ciudad de Mexico

Education / Profession : Graduated rector in the "Universidad de las Américas", in Ciudad de Mexico. Professor, writer, polítician, businessman and Public Officer. Former Police Chief lof Ciudad de Mexico.

Party : PRD

Francisco Barrio Terrazas - Comptroller General

Born : on November 25, 1950 in Chihuahua, Chihuahua

Education/Profession : Mayor of Ciudad Juárez (1983-86). Public accountant with a B.A degree in business administration from the"Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua", was also regional manager for Infonavit, from 1972 to 1976, head manager for the "Mercados Amigo", director of Consulting for the Planning in the North (1981-83) and chairman of the Business Centre in Ciudad Juárez.

María Teresa Herrera Tello - Secretary of Agrarian Reform

Born : on October 15, 1956 in Villa de Santiago, Nuevo León

Education / Profession : BLL from the Autonomous University of Nuevo León. / President of the Higher Court of Justice in Nuevo León state.

Party :

Francisco Gil Díaz - Secretary of Finance and Public Credit

Born : on September 02, 1963 in Ciudad de Mexico

Education / Profession : Graduated with a BSc in Economícs in the Technological Autonomous Institute of Mexico and completed his studies up to a PhD in Economícs in the University of Chicago. / Chief executive officer for Avantel telecommunications company. Former Vice Governor of the Bank of Mexico.

Bautista Luis Ernesto Derbez - Secretary of Economy

Born : on April 01,1947 in Ciudad de Mexico

Education / Profession : Doctorate in economics from Iowa State University and has taught at Johns Hopkins University and the Monterrey Technological Institute. / 15 years with the World Bank. Will oversee the former trade ministry and handle with small-business development.

Eng.Ernesto Martens Rebolledo - Secretary of Energy

Born : on January 28 , 1933 in Tlilapan, Veracruz

Education / Profession : Graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering from the Technological Institute and of Higher Studies Estudios in Monterrey (Campus Monterrey), post-graduation studies in the Technological Institute of Karlsruhe,Germany, and an administration course at Harvard Business School. / Chemical engineer. Spent 18 years at the chemical firm Union Carbide Corp. and 17 years at Grupo Vitro, Mexican Glassmaker.

Pedro Cerisola y Weber - Secretary of Communications and Transport

Born : on March 13, 1949 in Ciudad de México

Education / Profession : National School of Architecture from the "Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México", and at the School of Architecture from the Iberoamerican University. / Former planning director in the telecommunications sector, " Telefonos de Mexico" (Telmex) and a former commercial director at Aeromexico airlines. Also Fox's campaign manager.

Javier Usabiaga Arroyo- Secretary of Agriculture, Ganadería, Desarrollo Rural, Pesca y Alimentos

Born : on August 20 , 1939 in Elaya, Guanajuato

Education / Profession : Studies as a public accountant in the Banking and Trade School in the Ciudad of México. / Farmer running a large agricultural empire in Guanajuato, is said to be the world's leading garlic producer. Known as the "Garlic King".

Leticia Navarro - Secretary of Tourism

Born : on November 10, 1953 in Colima, Colima

Education / Profession : Studied business administration at the Autonomous University of Mexico and business management at Simmons College in Boston. / Business executive at Jafra Cosmetics Company then worked for PepsiCo and for Mexican food firm "grupo Panificadora Azteca" as marketing director.

Victor Lichtinger - Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources

Born : on October 17, 1957 in México, Distrito Federal

Education / Profession : Graduated Economist from the Metropolitan Autonomous University, Master degree from Stanford and received a doctorate in Agricultural Economy and Natural Resources from the same institution. / Former director of the environmental commission for the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Reyes Tamez Guerra - Secretary of Public Education

Born : on April 18 , 1953 in Ciudad de Monterrey, Nuevo León

Education / Profession : Studied at the university he now runs and received his doctorate from the National Polytechnic Institute. Rector of the National Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon in the northern city of Monterrey.

Julio Mora Frenk - Secretary of Health

Born : December 1953 in Ciudad de México

Education / Profession : Received his medical degree from UNAM and a doctorate in medical care organization and sociology from the University of Michigan. / Former president for Mexico's Health Foundation. Heads the policy information branch of the World Health Organization.

Carlos María Abascal Carranza - Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare

Born : on Jun 14, 1949 in ciudad de México

Education / Profession : He is the former head of the Mexican Employers' Council and other business groups. Allied with the PAN.

Josefina Vasquez Mota - Secretary of Social Development

Born : on January, 1961 in ciudad de México

Education / Profession : Bachelor's degree in economics. She has served on the congressional budget and finance committee.


Brig. Gen.Rafael Machedo de la Concha - Federal Attorney General

Born : on May 06, 1950 in ciudad de México

Education/Profession : Law degree from Mexico's Military University

Gen.Geraldo Clemente Ricardo Vega Garcia - Defense Secretary

Born : on March 28, 1940 in Ciudad de Puebla

Education/Profession : Post-graduate studies in Educative Planning at the Secretary of Public Education and a special course in actualization for a better understanding of the conflict in the Persian Gulf in the University Iberoamericana. / Held many ranking posts in the Mexican Army. Also worked for the presidential secret service.