Guine-Bissau / Guinea-Bissau

Republica da Guine-Bissau / Republic of Guinea-Bissau


The government is formed by the PRS, RGB, AD, UM, PSD, FDS and



Alamara Nhassé - Prime Minister

Luis Olundo - Minister of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

Fernando Correia Landim - Minister of Commerce, Industry, Small and Medium-Scale Enterprise

Jose de Pina - Minister of Communication

Brum Sith Namone - Minister of Defense

Carlos Sousa - Minister of Economy and Finance

Rui Duarte de Barros - Minister of Employment and Public Administration

Dionisio Cabi - Minister of Fishing and Aquaculture

Filomene Mascarenhas Tipote - Minister of Foreign Affairs

Carlos Pinto Perreira - Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals

Antonio Serifo Embalo - Minister of Public Health

Marcelino Simao Lopes Cabral - Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization

Braima Djassy - Minister of Urban Planning and Housing

Carlito Barai - Minister of Water Power and Energy

Geraldo Martins - Minister of Youth, Sports, and Culture

State Secretaries

Tibna Sambe Na Wane - Territory Administration

Nhasse Na Mam - Liberation Fighters

Abas Djalo - Trade and Industry

Malan Mane - International Cooperation

Pedro Da Costa - Youth, Sports and Culture

Purna Bia - Planning

Julio Balde - Social Welfare and Employment

Yaya Djalo - Tourism

Certorio Biote - Transport ation and Communications

Agusto Formose Mendes Correia - Treasury and Budget


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