(Jumhuriyat Misr al-Arabiyah / Arab Republic of Egypt)


The government is formed by the HDW

(Hizb al Dimuqratiyah al Wataniyah /National Democratic Party


Dr.Atef Muhammad Muhammad Ebeid - Prime Minister

Born : April 14, 1932, Gharbiya governorate

Education/Profession : BA degree (commerce,) Cairo University, 1952. MA degree in 1956. Ph.D. (Business Administration,) Illinois University, USA, 1962. General Manager of Arab Research and Administration Center ( ARAC ) Management Consulting Firm 1963-1973. United Nations Development Program (U.N.D.P.) on Public Sector Management 1971. On Private Small Business Management 1981.

Political career : Ministry of Electricity (1955-1963). Ministry of Housing (1965). Ministry of Higher Education (1966-1967). Ministry of Industry (1967-1984). State Minister for Administrative Development (1984-1993). Minister of Public Enterprises (1993-1999).

Dr. Youssef Amin Wali - Deputy Prime Minister

Born : April 2, 1930, in Fayyoum.

Education/Profession : PhD in Horticulture, Cairo University. Head of the Meditterranean Group for Plant Pathology. Board Chairman of the Egyptian - American Horticulture Society for Foliar Fertilizers. Chairman of the Agriculture Development Committee of Foreign Projects.

Political career : Advisor to the Libyan Government (1962). Counsellor of the Deputy Premier for the Agriculture Sector (1971). Deputy Premier and Minister of Agriculture (1982). Secretary-General of the National Democratic Party (1985).

Note : Awarded the Order of Sciences & Arts (1964), the Order of Merit (1975) and Legion d'honneur from France (1987).

Also : Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation

Farouk Abdem Aziz Hosni - Minister of Culture

Born :

Education/Profession :

Political career :

Fd. Mar.Mohamed Hussein Tantawi - Minister of Defense and Military Production

Born : October 31st, 1935

Education/Profession : Fellowship, High War College. Masters Degree, Military Science.

Militar career : Commander, Infantry Battalion. Chief of Operations, Infantry Division. Military Attache to Pakistan. Chief, Planning Branch, Operations Department, Field Army. Chief, Operations Branch, Operations Department, Field Army. Commander, Infantry Brigade. Chief, Operations Branch, Armed Forces Operations Authority. Commander, Mechanized Infantry Division. Chief, Planning Branch, Armed Forces, Operations Authority. Chief of Staff, Field Army. Commander, Field Army. Commander, Presidential Guard. Chief, Armed Forces Operations Authority.

Also : Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces

Dr.Youssef Boutros-Ghali - Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade

Born : August 20, 1952, Cairo.

Education/Profession : PhD in Economics, U.S.A. Economic Expert at the International Monetary Fund.

Member of the group for the negociations with the Paris Club (1986). Cabinet Minister of State for International Cooperation Affairs (1993). Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade(1996).

Dr.Hussein Kamel Bahaa Eddine- Minister of Education

Born : September 18, 1932.

Education/Profession : PhD in Pediatrics (1959). Head of the Pediatrics Department, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University (1974). Director of the New Pediatrics Hospital (1983). Secretary-General of the Egyptian Pediatrics Society (1974). Advisor to the International Pediatric Association (1983). Advisor and Rapporteur to the Middle East and Mediterranian Federation of Pediatrics Societies (1987).

Militar career : Minister of Education (1991).

Note : Won the World Health Organization Pediatrics Prize, (1989) to be the first Arab and African physician to be awarded this prize which is granted every two years. A certificate or Appreciation from Marquis Institution.

Dr.Ali Fahmy Ibrahim El-Sa'idi - Minister of Electricity and Energy

Born : 1936 in Tala, Menufiya.

Education/Profession : Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering, cairo University. Fellowship of the Nationl Defence College. MA Degree (Technology of reactions), Birmingham University, UK. Ph.D. (Nuclear engineering), Illinois University, USA. Engineer at the reactors department of the Atomic Energy Authority from 1957 to 1963. Executive Chairman of the Nuclear Stations Authority 1985-1999.

Political career : Minister of Electricity and Energy since 1999.

Dr.Muhammad Medhat Abd El-Atti Hassanein - Minister of Finance

Born : 1939 , Tahta, Sohag.

Education/Profession : Bachelor of Commerce , Cairo University , 1960. MA Degree in Finance , NewYork University , 1966. Board Member of the Holding Company for Transport. Head of the investment sector of the Arab Investment Bank, 1978-1981 Ph.D. in Economy and Finance from Pennsylvania University in 1981. Managing Director of the Gulf Egyptian Bank(1980-1982). Professor of Finance and Economy at the American University in Cairo (AUC), 1981. Assistant Professor of Economy, American University in (AUB) Beirut.

Political career : Minister of Finance since 1999.

Ahmed Maher El Sayed - Minister of Foreign Affairs

Born : September 14, 1935

Education : Bachelor of law, Cairo University (1957).

Political career : 44 years of diplomatic service. Started his diplomatic career at the Foreign Ministry in 1957 as an attaché. Held various diplomatic position at Egypt's Ambassador to Washington for seven years (until 1999). Egypt's Ambassador in Moscow. Egyptian embassies in Kinshasa, Paris, Consulate General in Zurich, Lisbon and Brussels. President's Advisor for National Security Affairs (1971-74). Director of the Foreign Minister's office (1978-1980). Participated in the Camp David peace negotiations (1978). Taba peace negotiations in (1988). Egypt's representative to many international conferences. Awards the order of merit of the first degree. Medal of the Republic of the second degree. The order of merit of the third and fourth degrees. Two decorations from Portugal

Dr.Ismail Awad-Allah Sallam - Minister of Health and Population

Born : July 21, 1941, Monoufeya Governorate.

Education/Profession : PhD, Glasgow University (1955). Professor and Head of Department of Heart Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University. Member of the Institute of National Studies. Supervisor of Cardiac Surgery Dept., Al Azhar University.

Political career : Member of Shura Council (1992). Head of Health Affairs Committee of the National Democratic Party. Minister of Health and Population since 1996.

Note : Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons.Member of the International Federation of Cardiac Sciences.

Dr.Mufid Shihab - Minister of Higher Education and the State for Scientific Research.

Born : January 1936, Alexandria

Education/Profession : Ph.D., in international Law. Worked at the Arab Socio-Economic Development Fund (1978-1984). Judge at the Permanent Arbitration Court in The Hague (1988). President of Cairo university (1993-1997).

Political career : Member at the Shura Council and Head of the Arab, Foreign Affairs and the National Security Committee. Minister of Higher Education and State Minister for Scientific Research.

Note : Head of the Society of Human Rights Supporters since 1993. Awarded the Order of the Great Conqueror from the Libyan President in 1991. Order of Merit from the Italian President in 1996.

Dr.Muhammad Ibrahim Sulieman - Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities

Born : July 6, 1946.

Education/Profession : PhD in Engineering. Professor at the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University (1980). Secretary - General of the Canadian Engineers Society in the Middle East.

Political career : Minister of State for New Urban Communities (1993). Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities since 1996.

Note : Board Member of the Egyptian Civil Engineers Society. Member of the Egyptian-Canadian Friendship Society.

Dr.Mustafa Muhammad Osman El-Rifa'i - Minister of Industry

Born : 1934, Giza.

Education/Profession : Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering, Cairo Uinversity, 1954. Master's Degree, Oklahoma University. PhD Oklahoma University. General Manager of the Development and Techology Sector at Suez Company for Petroleum Industries, 1974 - 1980. Board Chairman of Engineering Company for Petroleum and Chemical Industry, 1980. A board member of the Technology and Scientific Research Academy, 1984.

Political career : Member of Industry Committee of the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP), 1988. Minister of Industry.

Muhamed Safwat El Sherif - Minister of Information

Born : December 19, 1933 in Gharbia Governorate.

Education/Profession : Bachelor of Military Sciences. Member of the Supreme Council for Child Care. Member of the Egyptian Red Crescent Board of Directors. Member of the Egyptian Information Society for Development. Member of the Committee for Information and Family Planning.

Political career : Member of the Political Bureau and the Assistant Secretary-General of the National Democratic Party. Director General of the Internal Information Department, SIS (1975). Head of a Sector and Deputy Chairman of the SIS (1977). Chairman of the State Information Service SIS (1978 - 1980). Appointed Head of the Radio and TV Union (1980). Minister of State for Information (1982). Minister of Information since 1983.

GeneralHabib Ibrahim EL Adly - Minister of Interior

Born : March,1st,1938.

Education/Profession : Graduated from Police Academy (1961). Worked for the public security,drugs and criminal investigations departments.

Political career : Deputized to work for Foreign Ministry from 1982 to1984. Joined The State Security Investigations in 1965. Promoted to the rank of First Assistant Interior Minister in 1993. First Assistant Interior Minister for The State Security Investigations 1996. Minister of Interior since 1997.

Note : Awarded the Order of the Republic in 1986. Awarded the order of the republic in 1997.

Dr.Mahmoud Abou Zeid - Minister of Public Works and Water Resources

Born : 1935, Behira

Education/Profession : Ph.D., in subterranean water, California (1962). Head of the National Centre for Water Researches (1979-1997). Head of the Technical Bureau of the Irrigation Minister (1973-1975). Chairman of the World Water Council. Chairman of the UNESCO Water Programme Council.

Political career : Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources since 1997.

CounsellorFarouq Seif El Nasr - Minister of Justice

Born : December 14, 1922.

Education/Profession : Bachelor of Law. Advisor to the Libyan Cabinet. Technical Advisor to the Minister of Justice (1972). Head of the Supreme Constitutional Court (1982).

Note : Member of the committee, participated in drafting Egypt's Constitution (1971).

Political career : Minister of Justice since 1987.

Mustafa Muhammad Abdel-Qader - Minister of Local Development

Born : 1940

Education/Profession : Law degree, Police Academy (1959). Master's degree in social planning in 1978. Police Officer at the Giza Security Department.

Political career : Governor of the southern province of Minya (1997). First Assistant to the Interior Minister for Security. Head of Department of State Security Investigation (1988-1993). Minister of Local Development

Note : Awarded an order of merit by the late President Gamal Abdel-Nasser in 1964 and was decorated again for his achievements in 1983.

Ahmad Ahmad El Amawi - Minister of Manpower and Immigration

Born : July 1932.

Education/Profession : Bachelor of Law (1968). Head of the Syndicate Committee (1966) and Chairman of the General Syndicate for Chemicals. Head of the General Trade Union Federation (1987).

Political career : Member of the Founding Committee of the National Democratic Party (NDP). Member of the Shura Council. Board Member of the International Labour Association. Assistant Secretary General of the Arab Labour Association. Minister of Manpower and Immigration since 1993.

Note : Awarded the Order of Sciences and Arts (First Class).

Eng.Amin Sameh Samir Fahmi - Minister of Petroleum

Born : 14 August, 1949, Cairo.

Education/Profession : Fellowship in National Planning, Nasser Military, Academy. BA degree in chemical engineering Cairo University, 1973. Vice Chairman of the Middle East Oil Refinery, 1997. General Manager of the planning department at the Petroleum Authority, 1998.

Political career : Minister of Petroleum since 1999.

Dr.Ahmed Mahrous el-Darch - Minister of Planning and International cooperation

Born : 1937, Alexandria.

Education/Profession : Bachelor's degree in Economics and Political Science, Alexandria University, 1958.Ph.D. in Economics, Syracuse University. Professor of Economics at the Faculty of Commerce, Kuwait University, 1978-1983.

Political career : First Under-Secretary at Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation from 1983 to 1984 and Adviser to the Minister of Economy. Minister of Planning and International cooperation since 1999.

Dr.Mokhtar Abd El-Moneim Khattab - Minister of Public Enterprise Sector

Born : 1943

Education/Profession : Bachelor's degree in commerce, Ain Shams university, 1963. MA in economics, Grenoble University, 1972. Lecture in economics, Grenoble University, 1974-77 Scientific Research Academy. Ph D. In economics, 1977. Two diplomas in computer programming, California University, 1982. Economic Adviser at the Libyan National Institute of Petroleum, 1997-80. Founder of the Traffic Planning Dept., Ain Shams University.

Political career : Head of the Cabinet's Information and Decision Support Center, 1991-96. Adviser to the Minister of the Public Business Sector, 1996-99. Minister of Public Enterprise Sector since 1999.

Dr.Amina Hmza Muhammad El-Guindi - Minister of Social Affairs and Insurance

Born : 18 September 1942

Education/Profession : B.Sc in Social Service, Helwan University (1963). Master's degree in social planning in 1978. Ph.D in sociology Alexandria University, 1987. Sociologist in the Faculty of Fine Arts Head of the Student Affairs Department, Helwan University. Secretary General, The National Council for Childhood and Motherhood. Rappoteur of the National Commission for Women. Member of the International Committee for Children's Rights. Head Department of Youth Welfare, Helwan University. She taught sociology at Helwan University.

Political career : Vice President of the Executive Committee of the Forum for African and Arab Parliamentarians on Population and Development. Minister of Social Affairs and Insurance since 1999.

Note : Awarded Certificate of Merit by President Mubarak when he appointed her a member of the Shura Council. Member of Higher Council of Education and a board member at the Radio and Television Union.

Dr.Hassan Ali Ali Kheder - Minister of Supply

Born : 1946, Giza.

Education/Profession : Ph.D. in Agricultural Economy, Princeton University, USA.

Head of the Department of Agriculture until 1984. Adviser to the Minister of Economy, 1979. A Researcher with the Agriculture Ministry's Institute for Agricultural Economy Research. Served as an Economic Adviser to the Minister of Agriculture, Adviser at the World Bank, the Ford Foundation and the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development. Minister of Supply since 1999.

Dr.Muhammad Mamdouh Ahmad Al Beltagi - Minister of Tourism

Born : April 21, 1939.

Education/Profession : PhD in Economic Science, Sorbonne University, France (1973). PhD in Political Sciences (International Relations), Sorbonne University, France (1975).

Political career : Secretary-General of Cairo National Democratic Party. Information Plenipotentiary at the Egyptian Embassy in Paris (1975-1982). Chairman of the State Information Service (1982-1993). Member of the Shura (Consulative) Council (1992). Minister of Tourism since 1993.

Note : Awarded the Order of Merit (First Class) and other decorations and medals from France, Germany, Spain, Greece and Sudan.

Dr.Ibrahim Mohammed Motwali el-Demeri - Minister of Transport

Born : 1939, Daqhlia.

Education/Profession : Bachelor's degree in Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, 1962. Ph.D. in Transport and Traffic Planning from Aachen University, Germany, in 1973. Vice- President of Ain Shams University. Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University. Member of the Transport Research Council.

Political career : Minister of Transport since 1999.

Dr.Mahmoud Hamdy Zaqzouk - Minister of Waqfs (Endowments)

Born : December 27, 1933 Dakahleya.

Education/Profession : PhD in Philosophy, Munich University (1968). Vice President of Al-Azhar University. Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Theology (Ussoul El-Din). Head of Islamic Thought Committee of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs. Member of the the Islamic Research Academy. Chairman of the Egyptian Society of Philosophy. Representative of the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar at several international conferences and symposia.

Political career : Minister of Waqfs (Endowments) since 1996.

Dr.Ali El-Din El-Desuqi Hilal - Minister of Youth

Born : 20 August 1944, Kalyoubia

Education/Profession : B.Sc. in Political Science, Cairo University, 1964. MA. in Political Science, McGill University, Canada 1968. Ph.D. in Political Science,McGill University, Canada, 1972. Director of The Centre of Political Research and Studies, Cairo University, (1986-1994). Secretary-General of The Supreme Council of Universties (1994-1997). Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Political Science (1994-1999). Visiting Professor to The Universities of Calfornia, Los Angeles, Princeton, Calgary and The American University in Cairo.

Political career : Minister of Youth since 1999.

Note : Won a Decoration of Arts and Sciences in 1979.

State Ministers

Muhammad Zaki Abu Amer - Minister of State for Administrative Development

Born : March, 1946.

Education/Profession : PhD in PhD in Criminal Law, Alexandria University (1974). Dean of the Faculty of Law, Alexandria University (1991).

Political career : Secretary - General of the National Democratic Party in Alexandria Governorate (1992). Member at the shura Council (1992). Minister of State for Administrative Development since 1993.

Dr.Ahmed Muhammad Nazif - State Minister for Communication and Information

Born : 8 July 1952 in Cairo.

Education/Profession : Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, (1973). Master Degree in Electric Engineering, Cairo University , 1976. Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from McGill University, Canada (1983). Professor at the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University. Executive Manager of the Cabinet's Information Centre. Supervised the National Number Project and the mechanisation of the Civil Status Department.

Political career : State Mnister for Communication and Information since 1999.

Dr.Nadia Makram Ebied - Minister of State for Environment Affairs

Born : 1943.

Education/Profession : MA in political Sciences in 1977 from the American University. Visiting Professor at a Nigerian University (1977-1978). Worked at the UN Development Programme.

Political career : Member of the Agricultural Coordination Committee at the Ministry of Agriculture. Minister of State for Environment Affairs.

Note : Member at the FAO.

Dr.Sayed Abdou Moustafa Mesh'al - Minister of State for Military Production

Born : 1942, Cairo.

Education/Profession : University degree in science 1964. Graduated from the military Academy in 1965. Master degree in chemistry, 1977. Ph.D. in science 1981 Cairo University. Professor at the Faculty of Science, Cairo University.Board member of the National Research Center. Board Chairman of El-Nasr Chemical Company from 1989 - 1997

Political career : State Minister for Military Production since 1999.

Note : General Manager of the Armed Forces' National Service Authority from 1997-1999.

Kamal Muhammad Al Shazly - Minister of State for People's Assembly and Shura Council Affairs

Born : February 16, 1934.

Education/Profession : Bachelor of Law, Cairo University, 1957.

Political career : Secretary - General of the Socialist Union Committee for Monoufia Governorate (1968). Member of the People's Assembly (1969). Assistant Secretary - General of the Socialist Union (1974). Organizing Secretary - General of the National Democratic Party (1981). Minister of State for the People's Assembly and the Shura Council Affairs since 1993.