Democratic Republic of Congo


Joseph Kabila - President

Andre Philip Futa - Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Animal Husbandry [NEW]

Benjamin Mukulungu - Minister of Civil Service [NEW]

Kikaya bin Karubi - Minister of Communication and Press [NEW]

Marthe Ngalula Wakuana - Minister of Culture and Arts [NEW]

Irong Awan - Deputy Minister for National Defence [NEW]

Matungulu Nguyamu - Minister of Economy, Finance and Budget [NEW]

George Buse Talai - Minister of Energy [no change]

Leonard She Okitundu - Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation [no change]

Ntumba Luaba - Minister of Human Rights[NEW]

Helen Mateibo - Minister of Industry, Trade, and Small-and Medium Enterprises [NEW]

Mira Ndjoku - Minister of Interior [NEW]

Ngele Masudi - Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals [NEW]

Marie-Ange Lukiana - Minister of Labor and Social Welfare [NEW]

Salomo Banamuwere - Minister of Land Affairs, Environment, and Tourism [NEW]

Simon Bawangamio Tumawako - Minister of Mines and Hydrocarbons [NEW]

Kutumisa Tshioka - Minister of National Education [NEW]

Mwenze Kongolo - Minister of National Security and Public Order [formerly minister of justice]

Denis Kalume Numbi - Minister of Planning and National Reconstruction [no change]

Philippe Kohotama Mawuoko - Minister of Post and Telecommunication [NEW]

Augustin Katumba Mwanke - Minister at the Presidency of the Republic [NEW]

Masako Mamba - Minister of Public Health [NEW]

Nkodi Mbaki - Minister of Public Works, Territorial Administration, Urban Development, and Housing [NEW]

Jeanne Ebamba - Minister of Social Affairs [no change]

Dakahu Dino Wakale Minada - Minister of Transport [NEW]

Timote Moleka Ngulama - Minister of Youth and Sports [NEW]


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